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At Golden Hind Games, our passion and expertise lie in crafting procedurally generated experiences that redefine the boundaries of the gaming industry. We’re not just about making games; we’re about curating unforgettable, dynamic adventures for every player.



Dive into our latest collaboration with Toplitz Productions, a groundbreaking addition to the beloved Dynasty series: Pirate’s Dynasty. Join us on this adventure and embark on a journey where every play is unique, just as every wave in the ocean is.

Set sail and align your cannons!

In Pirate’s Dynasty you and your friends will go from small sailors to becoming the most notorious pirate crew of the Caribbean. Fight dangerous battles on the high seas, collect valuable booty, then build and evolve your pirate’s nest.Together with your crew and the inhabitants of your settlement, you will go down in the history books as the pirate of pirates!



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Each playthrough will confront you and your crew with new dangers and exciting new adventures


Roam the open seas with your friends and become the most notorious crew the Caribbean has ever seen


Fight at sea, secure your booty and go down in history as a notorious buccaneer


Explore tropical islands and uncover their secrets distinctive features – either alone or with your merry band of trusted pirate friends


Create your own pirates nest and expand it into a thriving vibrant town

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